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Vipers News · VHS Divers are going to the State Dive Qualifier!

Congratulations to the VHS Boys and Girls Dive team on a fantastic showing in Flagstaff over the weekend.  Verrado now has 2 divers from the boys team and 3 divers from the girls team attending the State Dive Qualifier in October.  Each diver had to learn 11 different dives meeting specific criteria such as inward, reverse ect.  The following Divers attended the Invitational in Flagstaff:  Dive Captain Sydney Eccles, Megan Ludka and Jonathan Thomason were our returning divers who qualified.  Two new divers for VHS also qualified over the weekend, Amanda Angelovic and Alec Washington.  We are all very proud of you.  The Divers have set the tone for state now it’s up to the swimmers to match this amazing effort.