Vipers News · Swim State Rankings as of 10/16

Below are the links to the state rankings.  Please remember these are updated multiply times per week with new Invitational results.



Remember to select Division II.  Select the Event you are looking for and then click load leaders.

Below is a list as of 7am on 10/16

2017 – 2018 State rankings as of 10/16/17


All four divers, Sydney, Megan, Jordan and Amanda, will be attending the state dive qualifier the end of this month.  Great job Ladies

200 Medley Relay is ranked 10th

200 Free – Kennedy Eichler (Freshman) is 24th

Colleen O’Kane (Junior) is 34th

200 IM – Taylor Mellon (Sophmore) is 18th

Kennedy Eichler (Freshman) is 25th

Colleen O’Kane (Junior) is 32nd

Mia Taylor (Sophmore) is 43rd

50 Free – Regan Moss (Sophmore) is 41st

Kyra Taylor (Junior) is 44th

Kayla Samsing (Senior) is 45th

100 Fly – Victoria Warrum (Senior) is 10th

Colleen O’Kane (Junior) is 16th

Taylor Mellon (Sophmore) is 22nd

Paloma Marolf (Junior) is 41st

100 Free –  None in the top 50

500 Free – Kennedy Eichler (Freshman) is 17th

Taylor Mellon (Sophmore) is 20th

Harleigh Horn (Senior) is 43rd

200 Free Relay is ranked 9th

100 Back – Victoria Warrum (Senior) is 16th

Kennedy Eichler (Freshman) is 18th

Taylor Mellon (Sophmore) is 22nd

Kyra Taylor (Junior) is 39th

100 Breaststroke – Victoria Warrum (Senior) is 11th

Mia Taylor (Sophmore) is 28th

Tiffany Clanin (Sophmore) is 37th

400 Free Relay  is ranked 9th



All two of the boy’s divers are attending the State dive Qualifier!  Great Job to Jonathan and Alec.

Medley Relay – For the first time EVER in school history the Verrado Boys relay is Ranked 1ST in the state qualifying time.

200 Free – Zach Petrey (Senior) is ranked 33rd

Eric Kodet (Senior) is ranked 34th

200 IM – Jadan Nabor (Sophmore) is ranked 1st

Grant Greenbaum (Junior) is ranked 8th

50 Free – Grant Greenbaum (Junior) is 17th

Zach Petrey (Senior) is 41st

100 Fly – Jadan Nabor (Sophmore) is ranked 1st

Jacob Cress (Freshman) is ranked 16th

Eric Kodet (Senior) is ranked 37th

Zach Petrey (Senior) is ranked 45th

100 Free – Jadan Nabor (Sophmore) is ranked 2nd

Grant Greenbaum (Junior) is ranked 15th

Zach Petrey (Senior) is ranked 37th

Eric Kodet (Senior) is ranked 40th

500 Free – Grant Greenbaum (Junior) is ranked 6th

Jacob Beyer (Freshman) is ranked 37th

200 Free Relay is ranked 5th

100 Back – Jadan Nabor (Sophmore) is ranked 1st

Jacob Cress (Freshman) is ranked 12th

Cameron Hood (Sophmore) is ranked 38th

100 Breaststroke – Grant Greenbaum (Junior) is ranked 6th

Eric Kodet (Senior) is ranked is 20th

Samuel Sondreal (Senior) is ranked 47th

400 Free Relay is ranked 3rd.


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