Viper Pit Booster contact Information

The booster association is structured as follows. The Viper Pit is the main booster that oversees all other clubs. Then each club under the Viper Pit (ie; Football, Basketball, track, Etc.) has its own structure but must follow the rules set forth by the Viper Pit and the Verrado Administration.

Viper Pit Booster Club (Main) 2016-2017


  • President: Jessie Smith 602-326-9479
  • Vice President: Michael Folkner
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Tassin
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Bringas-Smith
  • Concessions: Tammy Folkner
  • Fundraising:


Football Boosters 2016-2017


  • President: Chris Miller – 623-680-1401
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Bringas-Smith
  • Secretary: Tammy Folkner
  • Treasurer: Heather Gamez
  • Meals: Rebecca Medrano
  • Fundraising: Nicole Hampton